Signs of Cheating

Some signs that your partner might be cheating!

  • A cheating partner may become secretive about phone calls and text.
  • Your partner expresses a strong disinterest in romance.
  • Watch out for unexplained changes in your partner’s personality,they may become high strung or short-tempered.
  • Look for sudden changes in your partner’s appearance and grooming habits, spending long hours at the gym or a new perfume/cologne.
  • A decrease in sexually intimacy is common when someone is cheating.
  • Lengthy amounts of time spent on-line.
  • Your partner is habitually busy and makes excuses not to spend time together.
  • Your partner never engages in talk of the future or avoids the subject.

A TIP – Sometimes, you just have to follow your instincts. If you have a gut feeling that
your partner is up to something listen to yourself.

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